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Because certain someone can't sleep [again]

Two years ago, I posted about not being able to sleep. Today, I'm posting about that again - because yet again, I can't sleep.

Normally I would read nosleep posts until the end of time that I'd feel drowsy. However, for today I feel I'd rather check on my blogs and post on a few on them so I can finally get my shit together (I've been lazying for the last 2 months ever since I went on a break from the office industry)

I'd figure it wasn't best as well since it's freaking me out sometimes when I'm alone, noh? That's bad, I might get heart problems! LOL.

Anyway, I suddenly thought of how sad it is though that hosting for diaryland blogs are so pricey while making this post. I wish they would lower a bit or maybe allow monthly basis payment?

I mean, one can already host a wordpress powered site with $2 a month these days! Some even free. That'd be so nice, or maybe they can at least let us add our custom domain?

I really love diaryland but their hosting prices is too super kill. I'm already thinking about it though, because I really like how simple it is with no need for the comment drama.

Well I can always make my wordpress template mimic it. But you know, it's just so..nostalgic and relaxing for some reason :)

Got to move on though. In the end Wordpress still have tons of features regardless, and I don't think this site's bein updated anymore so..

2:13 a.m. - 2015-10-30


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